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Alan Wade
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member since August 2012
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5 hours ago
Created 'Oil Slick'
Thick multipurpose oil slides slowly but has good viscosity.
5 hours ago
Enchanting trees to lure you into the forrest, best be careful!
4 days ago
Created 'Mud Slide'
The mud slides down the hill at an alarming rate.
4 days ago
Created 'Spooky Forest'
The forest can be a spooky place to be of a night time. Best stay home in the warmth.
4 days ago
Created 'Acid Rain'
Acid Rain may not be good for the environment but it makes a great desktop.
5 days ago
Created 'Somerset Ales'
A cold beer? Somerset has the right type of ales on offer.
6 days ago
An industrial area in abstract mode.
6 days ago
The lights of the city are dancing in the mist tonight.
6 days ago
Created 'Dancing Mist'
Colourful dancing mist with the sunlight reflecting off it.
7 days ago
Created 'Serpent's Eye'
This one is the eye of the serpent. Created as something else, but I got lost along the way.
7 days ago
Created 'Eyeball Bowls'
Eyeball bowling with treaded bowls for extra grip.
8 days ago
Created 'Art Deco #2'
Another shade, another style.
8 days ago
Created 'Alien Runes #2'
And the reply is imminent.
8 days ago
Created 'Alien Runes #1'
The message is in the runes.
8 days ago
Created 'Fastline'
A fast line to the future.
12 days ago
Commented on 'Knotted Ribbon'
"I didnt think it was a pattern Bob?????"
18 days ago
Created 'Bio Hazzard'
Be careful of the bio waves.
19 days ago
Commented on 'Stereo'
"Thanks Maureen :)"
19 days ago
An apartment block of the future.
19 days ago
Greenhouse windows of a future time.
19 days ago
Sunlight shining through the eye of the storm.
20 days ago
Commented on 'Stereo'
"@DL hahahaha too much time on my hands..."
20 days ago
Created 'Psycho Swirls'
Vivid swirls to master your mind with.
21 days ago
Created 'Stereo'
Pump out the music.
21 days ago
Created 'Controll Button'
The button to control your mind.
22 days ago
Created 'Nucleus'
The end is nigh my friend.
22 days ago
Created 'Melting Droids'
The droids don't like the summer months.
22 days ago
Surround sound matrix style.
25 days ago
Commented on 'Rubiks Cubiks'
"No, DL I just took a couple of cubes, made the backgrounds transparent and overlapped them rotating the images as I saw fit."
29 days ago
Commented on 'Records'
"I Googled the song titles to make sure they were actual songs and therefore fitted in with the theme before adding them to the labels.........."
29 days ago
Commented on 'Springs'
"Thanks to both of you, its not that easy to come up with different designs and I like to explore the spectrum."
May 24, 2017
Commented on 'Bio-Zone'
"Terrific Wall"
May 24, 2017
Rated 'Bio-Zone'
4 stars
Mar 1, 2017
Commented on 'Northern Lights'
"Reminds me of the game FEAR 3, very nice!"
Mar 1, 2017
Commented on 'Rush Hour'
"Very nice!"
Mar 1, 2017
Rated 'Rush Hour'
4 stars
Feb 21, 2017
5 stars
Feb 21, 2017
"I love this style of walls. Thanks DL :)"
Oct 19, 2015
Commented on 'Geek Cyan'
"A work of art!!!"
Jul 5, 2013
5 stars
Nov 27, 2012
Commented on 'Black and White Flames'
"Simple yet very effective. Thanks for the upload."
Nov 27, 2012
4 stars
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Born and bred in the north of England I spent twenty years in London before departing for Sweden.

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