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member since July 2012
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Jul 1, 2012
The sun sets in Lucerne, Switzerland beside the silhouetted watchtower of a city wall.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Solitary Flower'
A lone flower nestled among tree branches sprouts soft pink petals in Tsavo West National Park, Kenya.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Baboon'
A baboon looks contemplative as it sits behind a barricade of sticks and branches in Amboseli National Park, Kenya.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Pink Flowers'
These soft pink blooms in Tsavo West National Park, Kenya contain a sunburst at their centre, like a bulls-eye for insects on the hunt for pollen.
Jul 1, 2012
A small herd of fallow deer sample the thorn bushes in Tsavo West National Park, Kenya, hiding in the tall grasses with their natural camouflage.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Golden Lizard'
A camouflaged lizard watches its surroundings carefully in Amboseli National Park, Kenya.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Yellow Flower'
An intricate yellow blossom stands alone on a muted green background in this shot from Nairobi, Kenya.
Jul 1, 2012
A glowing sunset silhouettes the distinctive shapes of the elephant and acacia tree on the African plain. The clear yellow disc of the sun provides a bright spot of focus to counter the imposing image of the elephant that seems to be watching the sunset itself.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Lichen'
A tangle of pale green lichen speckled with dew and frost near Lima, Peru.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Mount Pilatus'
The majestic alps dominate the foreground and inhabit the background of this high-altitude image at Mount Pilatus near Lucerne, Switzerland.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Ants on a Vine'
A colony of ants makes its way along a vine branch, perhaps in search of new food, or traveling between nests. Shot in Puerto Maldonado, Peru.
Jul 1, 2012
A view of Italian architecture framed by the arches of an arcade, Venice, Italy.
Jul 1, 2012
The brilliant setting sun obscures the mountaintops and rocks surrounding Machu Picchu, Peru, washing the craggy vista with golden light.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Garden Flower'
Spots of dew glisten on this complex, layered pink flower. Taken in Lima, Peru.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Sunset in Peru'
The sunset casts long shadows and crisp sunbeams on the rich brown mountainsides of Ollantaytambo, Peru.
Jul 1, 2012
Tree bark featuring chalky white fungal growths, giving additional texture and colour to the rough brown surface - from Puerto Maldonado, Peru.
Jul 1, 2012
The appearance of this strange tree branch suggests it could be from an alien world or the imagination of an artist. In reality, it is from a "Camel Thorn" acacia tree native to Africa.
Jul 1, 2012
Created 'Sunning Lizard'
A lizard takes a break to warm itself on a sunny rock, looking pensive and wary despite its camouflage.
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Jul 1, 2012
Bathlamos joined WallpaperFusion.

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