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Jan 29, 2015
5 stars
Jan 29, 2015
Commented on 'Downtown San Francisco'
"Stunning photo; so much to see. I could look at that all day!"
Jan 29, 2015
5 stars
Oct 8, 2013
Commented on 'Red Rocks'
"Thanks! Had never even heard of Red Rocks - went for a day trip out of Denver and actually stumbled upon it by accident."
Oct 8, 2013
Commented on 'Yankee Stadium'
"Wish I knew. not much of a baseball fan (I'm from the UK) but went for the spectacle. Wasn't disappointed!"
Oct 8, 2013
Commented on 'Montana Road'
"Thanks! Sorry I didn't pay much attention to the smaller crops - I just submitted at 5760x1080 and let the site take care of the rest :-/"
Sep 16, 2013
Commented on 'Lonesome Lake'
"Thanks, I found this lake almost by accident. Had a terrible night in a cold tent, so hiked up the trail at first light. Evil climb, but this was the treat at the top. Deserted and serene. A memory I'll never forget!"
Sep 16, 2013
Created 'Niagara Falls'
Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side. May 2011.
Sep 16, 2013
Created 'Lake Louise'
Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. May 2011.
Sep 16, 2013
Somewhere in the Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina. July 2011.
Sep 16, 2013
Crater Lake, Oregon. June 2011.
Sep 16, 2013
Created 'Red Rocks'
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado. Denver is in the distance. May 2011.
Sep 13, 2013
Created 'Monument Valley'
Monument Valley, Utah. June 2011.
Sep 13, 2013
Taken at Desert View, June 2011.
Sep 13, 2013
A photo of the Grand Canyon, taken from Desert View in June 2011.
Sep 11, 2013
Created 'Yankee Stadium'
Yankee Stadium, New York. April 2011.
Sep 11, 2013
Created 'Lonesome Lake'
Lonesome Lake, Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire. May 2011.
Sep 11, 2013
Created 'Times Square'
Times Square, New York. April 2011.
Sep 11, 2013
Near Denver, Colorado, USA. May 2011.
Sep 11, 2013
Central Park and New York Skyline in the evening. April 2011.
Sep 11, 2013
Nevada State Route 375, a.k.a. "Extraterrestrial Highway". June 2011.
Sep 11, 2013
Created 'Montana Road'
An empty road in Montana, Summer 2011.
Sep 11, 2013
Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway - "The Corkscrew".
Sep 11, 2013
Created 'Mojave Desert'
Taken in Joshua Tree National Park, Summer 2011.
Sep 6, 2013
warbi joined WallpaperFusion.
Just here to share my photos. I'm no professional, but I like them :-) Hope you enjoy!

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