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I am uploading 3360 x 1080 and 3072 x 1024. Sometimes they show up for one monitor and sometimes two. What size needs to be uploaded for two monitors? I'm using all of them on two monitors and they look good. Just curious.
Jan 15, 2015  • #1
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The monitor auto-detection depends on 2 things: horizontal resolution and aspect ratio. Ideally we try to target 1920x1080 monitors, which is what most of our desktop users have. This is also large enough to still look good at 1440p and crops well down for mobile devices. So we use 1920x1080 as our "optimal" base monitor size. a 3072x1024 image would need to have 800px added to it's width to make it work on 2 monitors, and that's too much, so we call it a single monitor image. It would probably be a great 2-monitor image @ 1366x1024. If you target a resolution of 3840x1080 that is the optimal 2-monitor resolution that most people use.
Jan 15, 2015  • #2
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