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I'd like to start by saying what a fabulous system Wallpaper Fusion is - I've been using the wallpapers with DisplayFusion for quite some time but I've recently taken an interest in the jigsaw app on Windows / iPhone - I'm addicted :o)

In an effort to be more of a contributor (rather than just a consumer) I decided to dip into my photo albums and make a few submissions. Just wondering how long it normally takes for submissions to be approved please?

Oct 28, 2016  • #1
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Thanks for submitting your images!

The approval time varies, depending on how much of a backlog we have, and what else we're working on at the time as well. We try to get them approved as quickly as possible though, and you'll get an email as soon as an image is approved :)

Oct 28, 2016  • #2
Toff's profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Thanks Keith
Oct 28, 2016  • #3
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