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Hi, Binary Fortress Admins!

Awesome work with this site. I absolutely love it. I have a few questions about image size and type. Just for experimentation I made a triple 16k wallpaper (46,080 x 8,640) and uploaded it. After converting it to a jpeg and reducing the quality a teeny amount I was able to shrink it down to 299 MB. That is a ridiculous file size to be sharing, I know. I realize it can be lowered further to well under 100 MB but with reduced quality.

So, I want to cover everyone's setup out there and help you draw in every person you can but I don't want to waste your server space and bandwidth. I generally like the 3x 16:9 images (just because that's what I have) but if you'll tell me the 'perfect' size to upload I'll start making artwork at those dimensions. If there is no optimal size just throw me a max pixel count I'll try to stick to it.

Also, as I understand it, jpegs lose quality every time they're opened. Should I be sending you .png or .tiff or something else and you just share a .jpg version? Let me know your preferred file type and I'll upload using it.

Thanks, you guys rock!
Feb 2, 2015  • #1
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Ideally, if you're aiming for 3x monitor you should aim for something around 3x3840x2160. So, 11520x2160 would cover 3x 4K monitors. You're right about your 46k image, it's much too large for most of our users to handle. You can upload them in a hi-res jpeg or png so that there is very little loss of quality, that's an excellent idea. Thanks!
Feb 2, 2015  • #2
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Got it. Yea, I was trying to 'future proof' my wallpapers but we're probably still a few years away from 16k or even 8k being a normal thing. If it's alright I'm gonna bump up a little to 15,360 x 2,880 for users of the new iMac. I realize 3x 5k is not really a thing yet but it'll at least give a per pixel single monitor wallpaper. Reply to me in BIG BOLD UNDERLINED text with stern words and maybe a funny joke if I really shouldn't go over 3x 4k. Thanks again, Jon!
Feb 2, 2015  • #3
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LOL, that sounds fine as long as you're not stretching or scaling the images to get up to that resolution.
Feb 3, 2015  • #4
RowdyPants' profile on WallpaperFusion.com

And don't worry - I'm a fan of quality wallpapers and clich├ęd jokes - I only stretch muscles.
Feb 3, 2015  • #5
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