Questions About Appending Submissions - Don't Want to Lose My Download Counter :[

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Let me start out by saying I'm a huge fan of the community here, and the software you guys create is incredibly useful stuff. I had a few miscellaneous questions i've been unable to figure out, and I'm hoping you can help me find a descent answer. Lately, more than a few of my friends have come across their personal artwork, from their resume blogs, ripped off on fake blogs and social media sites misrepresented as someone else's work. Im starting to realize a lot of the early work I posted to wallpaperfusion when you guys opened up shop isn't signed. Some of my personal favorites have been downloaded ALOT more than I anticipated. Im thrilled people like some of my work but i'm worried about those unsigned pieces.

1): If I remove a wallpaper, do I lose all of my past reputation points for that work? All Id really like to do is take a few down and repost them with my hancock. I even found higher res, most likely tri, and quad res originals for some since then. Id love to switch the quality up without losing the likes, downloads and reputation points.
2). Is there a way to edit or manage my individual uploads? Append them? even just the descriptions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Keep up the good work!
Aug 13, 2015  • #1
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Thanks for the kind words! If you email us (support@wallpaperfusion.com) the link to the image on WPF, and the updated image attached, we can update it so that the rep points and download counts stay intact. We can also update the descriptions as well
Aug 14, 2015  • #2
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