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I've been a pretty good member here for the past 2-3 months and love the website. I have close to almost 10,000 coins and was just wondering, what do they do? Can we potentially get prizes or even real life items with these coins. Just an idea but would be awesome if someone could get back to me on this. THANKS!
Oct 24, 2013  • #1
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Hi Joe, thanks for your excellent submissions on the site! We've played around with different ideas regarding the reputation points, including giving away free DisplayFusion licenses in the past based on the rep earned. Unfortunately this led to the site being flooded with many sub-par images (and many excellent ones too of course), and increasing our workload by over 20x for image approvals. We are always open to new ideas though, and if you have some thoughts on the reputation points we would love to hear them.
Oct 24, 2013  • #2
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My recommendation would be like earning licenses for Display Fusion earning maybe a special icon next you someones name who has achieved something like 20+ images or something like that. Little Tid bits like that would be AWESOME! I've been using the website for a while and love it a lot so introducing a seniority thing for people who have been here a while!

Another idea I had is maybe swag like t-shirts. I know this is a broad idea but it would make people go after these goals. This website right now is AWESOME. I know it's not the biggest community but the people who upload images regularly really are awesome people! Also maybe for people who achieved a lot get a permanent license to display fusion...I know for a fact I could use that!

I'm really just spitballing here but I know most of the ideas probably are just crazy :D but hey a guy can dream right XD
Nov 6, 2013 (modified Nov 6, 2013)  • #3
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I am a new member and am very happy to find the displayfusion and wallpaperfusion site. I have been looking for an implementation of this sort of idea and thought I'd have to create it myself, so thanks for doing it!

However, I'm disappointed that I can't win a displayfusion license by means of the reputation system, which I assume to be based on the popularity of a contributor's images. (Pardon me if that's wrong.) I do understand that you found such a reward system unwieldy because it led to a deluge of inferior images that multiplied the approval workload. And I do agree that a human approval process is necessary, so I don't know what the solution is.

Maybe you could offload the approval process to members, similar to the way it is done in certain threaded discussion sites where the most read contributions bubble up to the top level, thereby making the approval process passive. Using such a selection process, unpopular entries don't make it into the pool of preferred images. users normally have access to their preference, but can select a RANDOM setting which accesses the entire pool.

Obviously, there are a thousand ways to do it, each one being a trade-off, but with an overriding concern of keeping things simple. I do see the problem. I just thought I'd mention it.

I promise that I will NEVER use the word AWESOME on these discussions!
Dec 2, 2014  • #4
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Thank you for the feedback! We have been talking about how to reward people's reputation points, but so far haven't come up with anything. We did a promotion where you get a free DisplayFusion license when you hit X amount of rep points, but the site was flooded with mostly terrible images, not ones that we would want to use as our desktop wallpapers. If you have any suggestions on how to award people for gaining reputation I'm game, but I'd like to avoid the site being flooded with terrible images, even if we do add extra moderators. Thanks!
Dec 2, 2014  • #5
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