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Welcome to WallpaperFusion!

Welcome to WallpaperFusion! This is a brand new site from Binary Fortress Software that aims to provide a huge selection of high-quality wallpapers for multi-monitor, single-monitor and mobile devices. WallpaperFusion is integrated with DisplayFusion in order to provide easier access to the images, with even better integration coming very soon!

Reputation Points

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the WallpaperFusion community by submitting images, as well as rating and commenting on other members' submissions. Members will earn "Reputation Points" for these activities, and you can see how you stack-up in the weekly, monthly, and all-time points leaderboards!

Jon Tackabury's profile on

Submitting Images

We welcome image submissions from anyone and everyone! Whether they're your own original works of art, or they were created by someone else (shared under creative commons-style license), we would love to have them. We're looking for high-quality wallpapers, and the higher the resolution you submit, the more Reputation Points you'll earn!


We already have apps available for a variety of platforms, and we have more coming very soon! Apps for Windows (DisplayFusion) and Google Chrome are available now. An app for Windows 8 Metro is done, we're just waiting for the Windows App Store to accept submissions. We also have apps for Apple iPhone/iPad, Mac OS X and Android in development, all due out in the next couple of months!

DisplayFusion Integration

If you have DisplayFusion 4.1 or higher installed on your system, you can use WallpaperFusion's "Download with DisplayFusion" link to load the wallpaper directly into DisplayFusion. We'll also be making the wallpapers accessible right from within DisplayFusion very soon!

Downloading Directly to DisplayFusion

Come and Join Us!

Create a WallpaperFusion account, or simply login with your Facebook account and a WallpaperFusion account will be created automatically for you. Come join our community and start earning your Reputation Points today!

Aug 1, 2012  • #1
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36 discussion posts
Oh, i cant wait, I will love also to be able to say to the wallpaprfusion api to load only 1, 2 or 3 displays wallpaper option and also with a tag (ei nature, games, etc) and also with the highes score like 3 stars and up.

I ahve 3 PCs in which I use DF, one with 2 displays and a laptopt and anotehr PC with one display and I will love to have all using Wallpaperfusion to load diferent criteria wallpapers.

Great work guys
Aug 4, 2012  • #2
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
@Alejandro: Full DisplayFusion integration is coming very soon, stay tuned! :)
Aug 7, 2012  • #3
Jason Birch's profile on
This is super cool. Any ideas on pricing, or will it just be a differentiator for the software?
Aug 8, 2012  • #4
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
@Jason: WallpaperFusion is free and will only be integrated into DisplayFusion. :)
Aug 8, 2012  • #5
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